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Greendeltatravel will be taking care of all our special guests from minor things/event we have to be aware/ think how to benefit your expenses/ Innovation as soon as you start dealing with us.

For this sector, Greendeltatravel is being with some subject below:

Business travel:

Greendelta is very strong, experiential with countryside market of Vietnam, we have been and very closed with all provinces, even districts of Vietnam. On the other hand, 80% population of Vietnam is living there therefore countryside become very big and potential market for every company. Beside this, market there is very different with market in big cities as Saigon or Hanoi city from consumer custom to the way to build up the market and distribution network or transportation. We have an experts to understand well what our customers need and from whom our customer can recognize market side and business opportunities. Traveling with Greendelta expert to look for new business  and study carefully market, customers will have a chance to talk with different kinds of people who handling relative business with customer,  needs and take advices all necessary things from Greendelta people.

 In addition, traveling with us all things relating your trip such as air ticket, car pick up, translation, booking hotel accommodation… even foods and your properties will be also recommended and organized properly by Greendelta. Customer has nothing to be worry about, just concentrate to main focus of the trip is to look for, create and build up business. For all requirements of customers will be communicated, contacted together until customer satisfy with what both side organized and finally traveling with Greendelta. After one or some trips, Greendelta can be also as your connector/ on behalf in order to collect, deal with what you want Greendelta to handle for you.

From all what Greendelta can do, we start concentrating on main subject as follow:

 1, Coverage area: Whole Vietnamese country but more and more advance for countryside.

 2, Business field: Strongly for Agriculture(Import, export, service, create market, set up and research, study experiment, demonstration) Investment for processing, packaging, producing); Registration and Government paper jobs such as registration, project, papers regarding to authority, government.

 3, Services: Market research, Event, Promotion, Seminar and Group meeting. 

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Luxury travel:  

 Today people are getting busy and less free time for holiday. We organized this sector focussing on Business, VIP persons to make sure that you will surely be satisfied with money you spent and get back with quality of Service, Foods and Location. You also feel comfortable with no disturb and disappointed in whole journey. With a luxury organization from Greendelta, you will be enjoyed with landscape, hotel, restaurant, beaches, swimming-pool, shopping store, resort… in which you can feel peaceful, quiet and very clean-green or you can also go to natural places. Beside this, you are our big-big boss so that you can decide your journey, even suddenly you see somethings interested or nice and of course your program can be changed according to your order with suggestion from us.

In this sector of Greendeltatravel, we are always here to serve all of you and especially to:

 1, Business persons who want to have special holiday for which will be organized properly under your condition.

 2, Business partner, your relatives or even your special one, while you are busy to travel or do business somewhere, you are sure that your people will be taking care very well by Greendeltatravel under your instruction.

 3, Oversea Vietnamese who is a long time to be back or coming back to look for business opportunities.

 4 Honeymoon, it is special trip for couple who really want to have luxury and special honeymoon and it can be time to start the life of your lovely children.

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 Greendeltatravel   Aware of minor things to YOU